About DR. Lofthouse


Dr. Lofthouse believes in treating the whole person. He can assist you on optimizing your diet, developing an exercise plan to suit your lifestyle, and coach you in healthier living.

Dr. Lofthouse is comfortable doing minor surgical procedures in clinic such as mole and cyst removal.

He welcomes working with diabetics to achieve their optimal balance between diet and exercise to meet their lifestyle.

Dr. Lofthouse is a lifelong vegetarian.  He does not believe you must make that same dietary choice.  He can assist you in finding the right diet for your lifestyle and whole health goals.

He is also physically active with his top favorite activities : bicycling, rock climbing, mountain hiking, downhill skiing and golfing.



Gerald A. Lofthouse, MD

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Residency:  Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital Family Practice

Fellowship:American Academy of Family Physicians

Graduate: Loma Linda University School of Medicine